SpectrumLeaf and Voon launches revolutionary Hemp Pouches

SpectrumLeaf and Voon launches revolutionary Hemp Pouches

11 March 2022 / Press Release

SpectrumLeaf Ltd, a company dedicated to providing premium CBD based products, and Voon Innovation, co-launches Voon hemp Snus pouches – a natural, vegan and smokeless cannabis alternative that is nicotine-free. Utilizing proprietary technology, the two companies have developed a revolutionary hemp pouch product to provide optimized bioavailability of hemp cannabinoids with zero THC.

“We came together as both Snus and CBD enthusiasts with the goal of developing a revolutionary hemp pouch product that existing Snus, nicotine pouch and CBD users can all enjoy comfortably. After almost a year of relentless research, development and testing, we developed a nano-infused hemp formulation that enhances the bioavailability of our Voon hemp Snus pouches. The nanoparticles are so small that they can pass straight through biological membranes. Our novel formulation allows the hemp to be efficiently absorbed directly under your lip”, shares Frank Svandal, co-founder of Voon Innovation and founder of Northerner.com – a company that has since merged with the Haypp group, the world’s largest retailer of nicotine pouches.

“To truly create a hemp-based product suitable for our targeted markets, it was vital Voon hemp pouches had no THC, but was still able to deliver the offerings of hemp cannabinoids. Luckily, not only were we able to attain this with our unique technology, but we ensured that the ingredients were natural, vegan and free from gluten and GMOs. Voon can easily be incorporated into a pouch user’s daily usage routine or can just be a smokeless alternative for existing CBD users,” says Felix Sundstrom, CEO of SpectrumLeaf Ltd.

Voon hemp Snus pouches are slim, white and dry with 20mg hemp extract in each pouch. Every can comes with 15 pouches and are available in 4 tasty flavours of Snazzy Tangerine, Wintergreen, Cool Spearmint and Pink Grape. Each can is lab tested with results easily accessible by consumers via its web shop at getvoon.com.


SpectrumLeaf is a company dedicated to selecting and sourcing premium CBD products according to customer’s collective needs. Brands under the company include Cannadips – a pouch-in-mouth CBD product, Elevar Hemp – CBD oral strips, and Voon – mini white CBD hemp pouches.