SpectrumLeaf introduces CBD oral strips line – Elevar Leafs, under new brand Elevar Hemp

SpectrumLeaf introduces CBD oral strips line – Elevar Leafs, under new brand Elevar Hemp

18 December 2020 / Press Release

SpectrumLeaf Limited announces the official launch of the company’s new CBD brand – Elevar Hemp. With a mission to elevate the CBD experience, Elevar Hemp will introduce a range of products that leverage a scientific approach to develop premium CBD products with optimal usability, efficacy and quality. Leading the product line launch will be Elevar Leafs – a dissolvable CBD oral strips product that offer ease of use, discreetness and quick effective sublingual delivery.

Each no bigger than a postage stamp, Elevar Leafs CBD oral strips utilize various patented technologies to infuse high loads of CBD actives onto every strip and to optimize bioavailability for absorption. No water is required to use Elevar Leafs CBD Oral strips. Simply place strip on or under tongue to let dissolve without swallowing, and the CBD actives are delivered sublingually via mucosal tissues directly into the bloodstream and bypassing the digestive system that can reduce efficacy. Every Elevar Leafs CBD Oral strip offers 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD and is available in 3 flavours – Fresh Mint, Berry Mint and Lavender.

“We are very excited to introduce Elevar Leafs CBD oral strips as our first Elevar Hemp product line. The ease of use of this product not only allows CBD users to enjoy them discreetly anywhere at any time but empowers them to manage their CBD intake accurately. Even importantly, the proprietary technologies used for these CBD oral strips were developed and tested to warrant quality from ingredients to infusion and packaging.” says SpectrumLeaf CEO Felix Sundstrom.

Mr. Sundstrom continues, “In fact, our manufacturing partner for Elevar Leafs CBD oral strips is not only cGMP certified, FDA/DEA registered, but provides strict internal quality control processes. Every batch is always lab tested and results shared transparently with our consumers.”

Every Elevar Leafs CBD oral strip is individually packaged in a special foil material for UV and moisture protection. The separate packaging safeguards every strip’s CBD potency by eliminating any potential of unwanted reactions between strips and promotes a more hygienic usage. Elevar Hemp products is available in selected European countries and online at elevarhemp.com.


SpectrumLeaf is a company dedicated to selecting and sourcing premium CBD products according to customer’s collective needs. One of the first products the company has introduced is Cannadips – a pouch-in-mouth CBD product that is all natural, discreet and fast acting, made through a proprietary process that preserves the valuable terpene and flavonoid compounds. The most recent product release includes a CBD Oral Strips line under the brand Elevar Hemp.